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The children at Mount of Olives Children’s Village are either orphans or at-risk children. Their parents may have died, may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, may have disappeared, be in prison or be too young to care for their children.

Many of these children are forced to work in the fields at a very young age leaving them with no hope for a better future.

Consistent abuse and inhumane treatment is the norm for many of them.

$30 per month sponsorship will provide:

  • A safe, loving environment with a care-giver
  • Housing, food, clothing, education and medical and dental care
  • An opportunity to hear about Jesus and see His love shared on a daily basis.

100% of CHILD SPONSORSHIP FUNDS are used for child support.

Sponsorship funds are pooled and used for the individual and group needs of ALL children in our program including children waiting for sponsors.

When you sponsor a child you will receive a photo and personal information about your child. Your child will write to you (or draw a picture for you) and will love to hear from you. We encourage you to communicate often and include photos of you and your family. They love to receive drawings from your children.

PLEASE PRAY FOR YOUR CHILD and their family at Mount of Olives Children’s Village.

We encourage you to come and visit your child. Mexico is not very far away.

Please submit the form below or print and mail to: Missions Network International (Attention: Maureen), PO Box K, Tecate CA 91980.

You may also set up your sponsorship below using PayPal.

Sponsor a Child

  • You can chose to pay using PayPal links below or by Check to: Missions Network International PO Box 827, Lynden Washington 98264 for US Sponsors or Missions Network International PO Box 75300, White Rock BC V4B 5L7 for Canadian Sponsors. Information on setting up an automatic withdrawal directly from your bank account can be arranged by contacting Maureen Graham.
  • You may chose the gender of your child. If you wish to sponsor more than one child you can choose to sponsor Siblings. If you have a specific child you would like to sponsor please enter their name below.
  • if you know specifically which child you would like to sponsor please enter their name here. This may be a child that you met on a mission trip or have a connection to.
    I understand your agency will be mailing to me a current photograph of my sponsored child, along with personal information. I look forward to receiving written communication from my child through your agency. I will be mailing my support to: Missions Network International PO Box 827, Lynden WA 98264 from the USA or Missions Network International PO Box 75300, White Rock BC V4B 5L7 from Canada or by using the secure PayPal links below. I understand that my contribution is tax receiptable in USA, Canada or Mexico.

USA Sponsorships with PayPal (please note that the subscribe button below allows you to make a recurring donation)

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Canadian Sponsorships with PayPal 

Child Sponsorship
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Let the Little Children Come To Me.  Luke 18:16