Our Kids

Our kids from many different back grounds but have one thing in common. They are in need of loving, consistent care in their lives.

Our kids are cared for in homes with national house parents other children and get to experience a stable home and loving care, many for the first time in their lives.

Our kids range in age from 4 months to 20+ years of age. Some of our older children had never been to school before arriving at Mount of Olives Children’s Village and so started their schooling at an older age or had dropped out of school and now are restarting. Our goal is to see each child receive a full education, by graduating from High School (Only Grade 9 is mandatory in Mexico) and then either finding work or skills training or continue on with a university education.

We strive to provide extra curricular opportunities for the kids. We hold an after school study hall to assist them in their homework or to give them extra help so they can succeed. We have English classes once each week so that the kids are learning a second language and they get to practice communicating with our visiting teams. The kids are also part of our weekly music program where they receive voice training, learn to read music, sing and play instruments.

Several of the kids have been involved in track and field events and soccer.

The ‘Cancha’ (a traditional Mexican enclosed concrete playing field) has been a very useful facility for the kids, hardly a day goes by that there is not a soccer, baseball, volleyball or other game going on. They love to ride their bikes and now roller skating on this smooth surface.

Our kids are active at the local church where they attend various children’s events and youth group activities.

Our kids have been blessed by opportunities to go to summer camp and other special outings.