Wednesday, September 23 Program

Join us today as we chat with some of our Teens at Mount of Olives and with Bill and Jenn.

Bill and Jenn live in Lynden Washington and have been to Mount of Olives many times over the last number of years. Bill has been working very hard the last 2 years to learn Spanish and has done amazingly well with the language. Jenn will be posing questions for the kids and Bill will translate them for the kids and also translate their replies. It is so good to see these kids developing into such lovely young adults.

We will also be posting pictures of what school looks like this year for the kids. We are so blessed to have finished the Learning Center in Mid February before Covid really became an issue in Mexico. What an incredible provision now as the kids are able to study there. Javier and Maria along with some of the other older youth have been teaching and guiding the younger children in their studies. Keeping up with their school work will have a big impact on the kids when things open up again and they are able to return to their classrooms. Their futures will be brighter with having the ability to do their studies each week.


“Hey aren’t they a great looking bunch of Kids?!”

“Bill and Jenn are a pretty cute couple too!”